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 Na Tinatamad

New year na, wala pa ring nagbabago sa resolutions ko. Bakit? Parati na lang.. “New year, focus sa studies: assignments first review for exams first before kung anu ano” haynako as if. Gagraduate na lang ako ganon pa rin Tapos waley. Whyyyyy. Hahaha oh well life.

For now, no resolutions na muna. Siguro.. plans na lang for this year? More plans! And for tumblr, I plan to be more active. Chos. Wala e, bongga talaga kasing mag share rito ng kung anu ano. Walang pakealamanan. And kung may magjjudge man, angagaw sa’yo te. Hahaha. At least naman kahit post lang, masshare ko mga so-called-hidden-talents ko. Mehehe. Okay. So yun lang. Happy new year!

I swear I do not know what’s happening.

First day? 3 reasons. One - today is officially my first day of being a Junior in college. Second - today’ll be the first day my shobe and I be the only people living in this house, no one else. And third - today will be the first day for my prayer and fasting.

So, mom’s not around. She went to Manila yesterday for a one-month training. Which means, it’ll only be me and my shobe taking care of one another for one whole month. This’ll be difficult, very difficult. But I’ll try my best to be the sister she wants me to be. Not only should I be a good sister but also a good daughter. I need to go home by 6pm now :/ No more late nights. I need to be very very very responsible. Wake up early in the morning, feed dogs, cook breakfast, help shobe get ready for school, sweep floor, clean dogs’ poops, clean kitchen, and get myself ready for my 9am class. So much work to do. Hope this goes well. Hope we’ll be okay. :)

Kung ayaw mong masaktan, wag sa assume ’te. Porke’t ang sweet sweet niya, may gusto agad? Sa panahon ngayon, ang sweet, landian lang yan. Ikaw rin naman kasi, tanga, nadala sa kasweetan niya.

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